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Pastor Paul Zander

Welcome to our online messages. It is our desire to teach and preach the Word of God as led by the Spirit of God. Please listen with an open Bible and an open heart as we strive to see lives changed by the grace of God. 

Mar 14, 2019

Though Cain offered the best of what he had- he did not offer what God required of him. We must not only meet our personal standards, but we must meet God's.

Mar 9, 2019

What is faith? "Having the confidence that God will make the impossible possible in my life."

You don't want to miss this great new series on Hebrews Chapter 11!! Join us Sunday mornings at 10 am at Heritage Baptist Church.

Mar 2, 2019

Let's learn the origin of the Alexandrian texts that the false versions were translated from:

Feb 16, 2019

In our Defender Series, we are comparing the text which came from Alexandria Egypt and Antioch. Listen here- or subscribe on any Podcast App by searching "Pastor Paul Zander."

Feb 12, 2019

This lesson discusses how we got the Bible written down- explained from the New Testament and the Old Testament.